Psalm 84 in its entirety is one of my favorites. It speaks about the beauty of the Lord, the unbearable longing we have to be absorbed in praise of that beauty all our lives, and what it means to dwell in the rafters of the temple of the Lord like a little bird that only lives to be close to her Provider. A sudden change of story hits the psalm at verse 5, and all at once we’re trampling dusty ground with a throng of other Pilgrims, passing through the Valley of Weeping: the literal meaning of the Valley of Baca. Cracked, parched ground. Rocks and cacti. Barrenness and death.

Yet, in the story, these Pilgrims triumph over the harsh climate and “make it a well” where there are “pools of water,” and where flowers no doubt begin to grow. The story ends with growth and greenery.

I love flowers. Especially poppies. The picture in the background of this blog is from a field my brother and I found in Italy. Oh it was glorious. The setting sun lit up each flower like a glowing lantern and we were surrounded by a blanket of red. We were drinking it up as a gift from our Father.

What does a Christian do with a desert? He makes it a field of poppies. That is my goal for this blog. It’s a bit of a desert right now; just an “about” post and a little bit about a book I’m working on. But I hope that my words create a climate of blossoming faith to strengthen my peers as well as myself, as we travel together through the Valley.

“Psalm 84:5-7 speaks of those persons who go through the valley of Baca, a desert place, and make it a well, an area with pools of refreshing water, because they create their own climate by their faith. Language is a central part of the human climate, and it surrounds us daily. Even if we are entirely alone, our innermost thoughts are verbal, and we thereby create a good or a bad climate to live in.” -R. J. Rushdoony in his commentary on James 3.

Ann Sechrist

About me: My name is Ann Sechrist. I’m a happy introvert with lots of friends and lots of books, a Christian (Reformed Presbyterian), a sister and a daughter (but not a wife), a hiker, a reader, and I try to be a thinker. I play piano and am learning cello but still sound awful, I write a lot and draw a little, enjoy playing soccer and Ultimate, enjoy hiking (especially the fourteeners here in CO), sitting around laughing with friends, going on adventures, traveling, and weather (rain, snow, sun, etc., I love all that). Church is a big part of my life: serving each other and worshipping God with a body of local believers. My education was homeschool through high school (2004), and then a bachelors of Christian ministry (emphasis in communications and education) at a liberal arts college (Chambers College in Greeley, Colorado, 2008). I taught writing, communications, art, and  soccer to grade school and high school homeschoolers for six years in a private “school” setting, and in homes, and now work for the ministry Generations with Vision doing writing, editing, email marketing, and putting on occasional conferences. I freelance under the pen name “Jane Grey” at JaneGrey.Hubpages.com. I also own a small—but growing—floral business (Lilywinkel.com). 


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Julie Cochran

    Hi Annie,
    Love your blog about Calvin!
    I have wondered the same things you have!
    Thanks for posting.
    I have a question for you about him.
    How can I contact you privately?
    Julie Cochran


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